Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Turkey Hats

Ok so this craft is a little late for Canadian families (apologies!!) but really does still make a fun craft on any day of the year. For our American Momma's I will do a re-post along with a few other Thanksgiving themed crafts closer to your holiday in November.We found the idea for making this fun hat over at

What You'll Need -
A brown paper bag
Scotch tape
Cardboard (cereal box)
Construction paper (yellow, red and orange)
2 small white pom poms
Black marker
White glue
1. Cut a long strip from the brown paper bag to fit your childs head. Taping 2 smaller strips together works just as well (this is what we did). Using the remnants of the bag cut out a circle to form the turkey's head.

2. Cut out a triangle on the fold of the yellow construction paper to form a beak. Cut out a rounded L shape from the red construction paper to form the turkey's wattle. While you're at it cut out several feathers from the different shades of construction paper. Cut two wings from the red construction paper.

3. To create eyes draw a black dot on the center of each pom pom. Go ahead and glue your eyes, wattle and beak to the turkey head. Glue feathers to the inside back of the headband. Glue the wings to the sides.

4. To form the turkey's next cut out a 3 inch by 1 inch strip from the cardboard. Fold the strip accordion style and glue one end to the band of your hat and one end to the back of the turkey head.

5. Allow ample drying time before allowing your little one to wear his new chapeau.


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