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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bubble Gum Jewels and Collect & Clip Couture

We are so incredibly proud of our new line of children's necklaces from our shop Shine! Couture.

Our Bubble Gum Jewels line combines big, beautiful beads and jumbo jewels for the perfect photography prop or statement accessory for junior fashionistas. Necklaces are available in a wide variety of colors or can be custom made for your special occasion. $20 each.

Our Collect & Clip Couture line gives little gals the opportunity to keep it fresh by changing up their look whenever the mood strikes!! Each starter necklace shines with a whimsical mix of beadwork and a clip to showcase one or many collectable caps!! Collectable caps come in many themes and colors and sell for $2 each or 3 for $5. So much fun to trade or collect!!

Please stop by and check us out on Etsy as well!!

The Green Smoothie Challenge

Last month as I was attempting to catch up on my facebook news feed I stumbled across a page for the blog Young and Raw. A friend of mine had signed up for their 30 day green smoothie challenge and intrigued I decided to sign up myself. Being new and "green" (har har) to the green smoothie scene I was a little intimidated to get started. Ingredients like kale, parsley and celery in a SMOOTHIE?! I put my judgements away in the corner of my mind and set off to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients. A few days in and I was HOOKED and proudly sharing my photos all over facebook, instagram and twitter (photos are PRE-blending, obviously).

 What's all the hype about?? Green smoothies ROCK!! Only a few days into the challenge I had more energy, a cold I had felt coming on had retreated and I found myself craving my smoothie the moment I rolled out of bed. Kale became my green of choice. I learned I despised parsley but a little cilantro in a smoothie can be a thing of beauty. Coconut water is my fave liquid add-in but in a pinch a little tap water does the trick nicely. An avocado is a sure-fire way to add a creamier texture and a little lemon/ginger will send a cold packing quick. After almost 30 days of following recipes I now feel confident enough to whip up a bad-ass smoothie from ingredients I have in the crisper or hiding in the back and neglected corners of my freezer.

So how and why do green smoothies rock? Green smoothies have been attributed to weight loss, healthier skin and nails and shinier hair. The high nutrient content of a green smoothie naturally detours your body's common cravings for junk food and leaves you feeling fuller throughout the day. What gal wouldn't want to get in on some of that action? The blending of the greens and fruit allows your body to easily absorb the valuable goodness inside - vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll  and fiber.  According to the teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, “consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion”. Green smoothies are also full of antioxidants which strengthen your immune system making you a little more super mom than you already are.Giddy up.

Interested in getting in participating in the next green smoothie challenge? Check out Young and Raw and subscribe to their mailing list. And be sure to check out their variety of rocking recipes too while you're visiting!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Autumn Leaves and Riding Boots

It's not exactly a huge secret that I love fashion so it should come as no surprise that I have wanted to start sharing more personal posts for some time now. The reason I haven't before is,'s personal. I may not knock it out of the park every time but I love getting dressed every day, I have a great deal of fun with it and the thought of putting it out there and receiving negative feedback intimidated me for quite some time. As of late I have decided I no longer want to let that insecure side, that we all have, call the shots anymore. Life is too short not to enjoy it to the absolute fullest, and for me that means putting myself and what I am passionate about out there in the world. Now as much as I adore high end couture, I am a self admitted balla on a budget. Living in a small town with 3 young children doesn't always give me the funds or the options to have the outrageous wardrobe of my dreams, but I make do. Lots of thrift shop finds, bargains at our local shopping centres, ebay, diys and even pieces I've traded for handmade jewelry make up the contents of my closet. From a young age I have always loved experimenting with fashion, often being teased throughout school for some of my more flamboyant choices. I have particularly fond memories of a get-up in 8th grade consisting of a fire engine red vinyl vest that brought on an onslaught of heckling. But that's what it's all about isn't it?? Wearing what you LOVE and not giving a damn. I have never been, and will never be, the type to simply "throw something on". For to me the clothing I wear is an expression of the person within. And this girl just wants to have fun.

After taking these photos I sadly realized we left out closeups of the fab accessories, mind you I am a little biased because I personally created the nude feather earrings and hourglass pendant I am wearing. Today's pics were taken on sideroads in Cobourg, Ontario. And yes, I was FREEZING.

Dress from American Eagle Outfitters (hubby kindly shared a birthday gift card). Tights, Riding Boots and Bracelets from Suzy Shier.

And the sun began to set in the corn fields...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Doing it All" (A Un-Monday Mommy Rant)

Lately I can't help but feel a little sad for my humble blog. It isn't that I've lost my passion for sharing our crafty do's or an on-trend handbag for that matter, the lack of postings comes down to two simple things, exhaustion and time. So when late at night I find myself wishing I could keep my eyes open for long enough to think of something witty or at the very least relevant to share, I can't help but wonder how do other women do it?? Sure there was a time I had hours in the day to devote to surfing the web, discovering the latest and the greatest, planning a new craft to do with my children for every day of the week and being all around on top of it all and fabulous. Looking back I question whether I was on speed without perhaps being aware of it at all. There is something about having that third baby that really gives everything a sudden urgency and Mothers (at least for me) a profound knack for never quite being able to finish one task in it's entirety. So too often lately I find myself filling out school pizza forms at 11:30pm and wondering where the day went so quickly. Three is a small entourage really and if you count most women's husbands, mine included, you can bump the number of needy whiners tugging at the hem of your dress and the edges of your sanity to four. Don't get me wrong I love my family but sometimes when I step back and look at the big picture of what is going on in any one pinpointed moment of the day I'm surprised not to hear the piping in of circus music. I am the ringmaster, sort of, and this home on any given day rivals the theatrics of any three ring circus. So on top of the diaper changes, the meals to be prepared, the fights to be broken up, the dirty laundry to be scrubbed and washed, the booboos to be kissed, the bottles to be fed and then boiled clean, the stories to be read, the lessons to be taught again and is a modern day Mom to manage "doing it all."

Doing it "ALL" is not realistic yet most women I speak with hold themselves to these impossible standards, myself included. Well "so-and-so" manages to keep an immaculate home, head the student council, run a home business and lead an active and fulfilling social life so why can't I?? Let me tell you something, I'm as likely to believe that story as if you were to tell me that her farts smell of cotton candy.  I have been dubbed by those who have clearly not stepped into my house as of late, a "super Mom." While a cape would perhaps give me a little more authority with the 4-8 year old demographic, a super hero I am not. What I am though is a busy Mom who has learned that a stack of dishes can wait because building a fort with my growing children and having a Spongebob marathon is more important. That sometimes dinner will consist of a poptart in the backseat of our car next to a screaming baby because we have back to back dance classes that night. That cuddling with a baby on a quiet afternoon when your two older children are in school beats tackling a weeks worth of laundry any day. That prioritizing sometimes means just having a damn nap. Yes there are days where I somehow find the time to bake a loaf of fresh bread or a pie or give myself a pedicure or arrange a sitter to have a girls lunch out but that's because I have decided to let something else go to do something I felt like doing instead. There is no such thing as "doing it all" I have discovered and though at times this brings me a lot of anxiety it is something I am learning to accept. Our children are only young once so I say we cast off the heavy expectations we have for ourselves, take things one crisis at a time and live for the happy in it all. Hug your babies. Plan and enjoy date nights with your partner. Make "Mommy time" a priority in your schedule.  So please dear readers bare with me as I adapt to juggling a growing family, a home business, a child with autism, nurturing my marriage, building a social life and managing a household...while blogging. Maybe I should pull that cape out after all.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Creating Art Canvases

My kids and I love browsing pinterest together and are always inspired by the crafts and recipes we come across by the dozens. Last week we decided to try our hand at creating a simple art canvas using varying colors of acrylic paint. We found our canvases 2 for $1 at a local dollar store and luckily we already had a whole slew of paints and brushes stashed away at home. The kids chose their colors, and with a little help setting up from Mommy, they got down to business. Can you which canvas was created by yours truly and which one was created by a small child??


My hubby was more than certain the top painting was done by my hands when in fact my oldest, who spends a little time painting every day, is the artist. That's right I was schooled by a 7 year old, and I'm totally ok with that, and more than a little proud. Look how pleased these little artists are of their handiworks. Now we have some whimsical new pieces to add some much needed color to our bland playroom.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Fave Fall 2012 Footwear Trends

OMG SHOES!! I have an undeniable shoe fetish. Set me lose in any shop with shoes within sight and that is where I gravitate first, every time. This season keep your look fresh with textures like suede, velvet and pony hair. Jewel tones, rich browns and metallics are stealing the scene color wise, while details like spikes, tassels, fringe, brocades and animal prints add a little sass and substance. As always boots are a must, our faves this seasons are the must-have riding boot, a classic cowboy, chunky booties, anything with a wedge heel and sleek wrap boots. Narrowing it down to a few top picks is as always a strenuous process for someone with self diagnosed osd (obsessive shoe disorder) but for the sake of our fashion forward readers we've given it a go. What is your must-have shoe for Fall??

1. Lace-up Chunky Heel Bootie, Charlotte Russe.

2. Sueded Heel-Less Platform Wedge, Charlotte Russe.

3.Tory Burch, Calista Riding Boots, Shopbop.

4. Spike-Back Sueded Wedge, Charlotte Russe.

5. Shakespeare Velvet Platforms, TopShop.

6. Coach, Haydee Loafer, Coach.

7. Kelsi Dagger, Carousal Nutmeg Suede Fringe Cuffed Wedge Boots, Lulus.

8. Sam Edelman, Alvin Haircalf Smoking Slippers, Shopbop.

*All prices have been converted to Canadian dollars.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beautiful Bookends


Add a touch of whimsy and romance to your space with one of these unique bookends. I love the idea of taking a favorite vintage item, such as the classic camera shown here, and re-purposing it as a display piece on a bookshelf. I have my eye on a retro pink typewriter that would look precious next to a couple of my favorite books. Which one is your favorite??

Photo Credits: Lauren Conrad, Charming Ages, Pinterest.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pretty Manis. Just Because We Can.


We luurve ourselves a pretty mani. Here are some of our fave finds this week via Pinterest. Get yo glam on.

Pink and gold stripes and stars mani featured on Daily Makeover.

Refresh-mint Dress Inspired Mani, tutorial via Wacky Laki.

Essie Tart Deco Mani via pshiiit.