Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Green Smoothie Challenge

Last month as I was attempting to catch up on my facebook news feed I stumbled across a page for the blog Young and Raw. A friend of mine had signed up for their 30 day green smoothie challenge and intrigued I decided to sign up myself. Being new and "green" (har har) to the green smoothie scene I was a little intimidated to get started. Ingredients like kale, parsley and celery in a SMOOTHIE?! I put my judgements away in the corner of my mind and set off to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients. A few days in and I was HOOKED and proudly sharing my photos all over facebook, instagram and twitter (photos are PRE-blending, obviously).

 What's all the hype about?? Green smoothies ROCK!! Only a few days into the challenge I had more energy, a cold I had felt coming on had retreated and I found myself craving my smoothie the moment I rolled out of bed. Kale became my green of choice. I learned I despised parsley but a little cilantro in a smoothie can be a thing of beauty. Coconut water is my fave liquid add-in but in a pinch a little tap water does the trick nicely. An avocado is a sure-fire way to add a creamier texture and a little lemon/ginger will send a cold packing quick. After almost 30 days of following recipes I now feel confident enough to whip up a bad-ass smoothie from ingredients I have in the crisper or hiding in the back and neglected corners of my freezer.

So how and why do green smoothies rock? Green smoothies have been attributed to weight loss, healthier skin and nails and shinier hair. The high nutrient content of a green smoothie naturally detours your body's common cravings for junk food and leaves you feeling fuller throughout the day. What gal wouldn't want to get in on some of that action? The blending of the greens and fruit allows your body to easily absorb the valuable goodness inside - vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll  and fiber.  According to the teachings of Dr. Ann Wigmore, “consuming chlorophyll is like receiving a healthy blood transfusion”. Green smoothies are also full of antioxidants which strengthen your immune system making you a little more super mom than you already are.Giddy up.

Interested in getting in participating in the next green smoothie challenge? Check out Young and Raw and subscribe to their mailing list. And be sure to check out their variety of rocking recipes too while you're visiting!!

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