Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bath Paints

We LOVE making up these bath time paints to add a little extra creative flair to our bedtime routine. Baby food jars are the perfect storage solution for these colorful paints and they sit nicely on the edge of the tub when the creative process in underway. Best of all?? These paints mix up in just a minute or two..so you have no excuses to not try whipping up a batch of these for your lucky kids.

Ingredients -
1/3 cup natural, mild and clear dish washing liquid
1 tbsp. corn starch or arrowroot powder
Several drops of the food coloring of your choice

1. Mix all ingredients together thoroughly (we mixed ours right in the baby food jars to make cleanup easier) and pour mixture into a bath ready container.2. Add a paintbrush and get messy (while you get clean)!!!Good clean fun!! :)


Kristen said...

This is possibly the funnest homemade fun kid thing I have seen in a long time. My kids would adore these! Thanks for sharing.

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

How fun! I love that I can make it easily at home. I will be trying it soon! :)

janachelle said...

Found your link from One Pretty Thing. I've often wanted to try these paints but am worried about the food coloring staining my white grout. Do you have any problem with that or solutions for cleaning it? Thanks, and great idea!

itmom said...

I have had no problems at all with staining. :) I usually rinse the tub down after a bath painting session so no paints are sitting around for too long afterwards. The one time I did miss a spot or two (was sitting in the grout for a few days) it came clean really easily with a mr clean magic eraser.

sweet80pea said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm going to try this out tonight.

Danina said...

Cool, i'll make it today ! Thanks for the idea.