Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Phew We're Back!! Aaand a surprise from Kinder!!

After a 2 week hiatus and numerous bad dealings with a dinosaur of a computer I am elated to be back. We will be busy throughout the remainder of the week getting our new laptop up to snuff and transferring oodles of data from the old unit to the new but we'll be back at regular postings starting TONIGHT!! Hooray!!

Summer is just around the corner, it's so close we can taste it, and we have been busy planning lots of fun Summer activities as seen in this post. Summer movies with our family whether it's at the local drive-in, in the comfort of our own living room or at our favorite theater are one of our top ways to spend time together on warm Summer nights. Our kids are huge fans of the Madagascar series and we were not surprised at all when they announced the brand new release of Madagascar 3 that our children would practically be dragging us to the theater to see it. What's even better?? One of our favorite special treats has released a brand new collection themed around the new film!! That's right Kinder has a brand new limited edition Madagascar 3 collection featuring fun new collectible toys that come together to form an awesome circus train. We're currently working on collecting all of the pieces and can't wait to show off our finished train!!

To celebrate this new collaboration Kinder is hosting yet another fabulous giveaway on their facebook page giving away family passed to the show. Check it out!! The Kinder Canada page also regularly hosts other fabulous contests so stay on the lookout for what's in store next!!

What movie are you most excited for seeing with your faimily this Summer??