Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I vowed when I found out I was pregnant again that this time I would do it differently. I wanted to implement my concern over environmental issues as well as my nutritional concerns into my parenting style. For me this means no more disposable diapers, making my own baby food and using more all natural and organic products in our day to day life. The biggie on my list was diapering. When I learned that the disposable diapers we use every day remain intact in our landfills for up to 500 years I could no longer justify their use. 500 years!!! 18-23 billion diapers end up in our landfills yearly...that equals 3.5 million tons of soiled diapers going into the ground..every single year. My mind was blown. Shortly after learning about the third largest single consumer item in our waste system (the disposable diaper) I went on a mission to find something better. My mind first wandered to the traditional cloth diaper which truthfully seemed a little overwhelming to me as a single Mom of 2 and a busy childcare provider. This was about the time I first learned of gDiapers. gDiapers are just what this planet has been begging for. This amazing product is chlorine, perfume, latex and plastic FREE. gDiapers consist of a washable cotton outer ("little g pant", available in many colors and styles) and a flushable diaper refill liner. Because the liners are plastic-free they can also be composted or tossed away and break down in 50-150 days. Seriously amazing. These diapers are not only a huge step in the right direction for our planet but are also highly convenient and stylish. Coordinating my diapers with my baby's wardrobe....sounds like fun to me. So what are you waiting for???? Go to gDiapers today!! Products are available online and in MANY retailers across North America.

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