Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bathtime Fun!! Sponge Boats.

I've heard stories of kiddos that dread bathtime. Such little ones have to be practically dragged or bribed to be coaxed into the tub. This is a phenomenon I have never personally bared witness to. Why?? Because my kids LOVE bathtime!! We keep bathtime fun by mixing things up with scented bubbles, a wide assortment of toys, bath paints and crayons and of course the odd craft project to add a little whimsy to tub time. My kids practically have to drag ME up the stairs to get in their nightly bath.

Today we made these fun sponge boats with a few commonly found items in only minutes. Whip up a batch of your own with colorful sponges, straws and some craft foam. You're kids are sure to find delight in this simple before bed-time craft.

2 comments: said...

These are easy and fun! We will be making some of these soon.

Thanks for sharing!


Vicky said...

These are so cute and just like stuff I do on my blog. I love projects made of common household objects. I am pinning this!

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