Thursday, November 20, 2008

Road Work!!

Last week we took on a fun project of creating a roadway in our basement complete with cotton ball bushes, mini pylons and a stop sign for Aiden to direct traffic. Aiden insisted on adding in a railway crossing as well so his Thomas trains could get in on the action. Such a simple activity provided hours of entertainment.


The Roadway-
Butcher paper
Masking tape
Assorted crayons and markers..and LOTS of imagination
Cotton balls, green paint, paintbrushes and a paper plate (for bushes)
Glue (to secure painted cotton balls to your roadway scenery)

The stop sign -
1 paper towel tube
Paint, markers and/or glitter glue (to decorate the tube)
An octagon or stop sign clip-art (I found mine HERE)
Sturdy cardboard to paste your clip-art or octagon shape onto
Red paint, paintbrush, paper plate (all you need to paint your sign)
White glue

Try making other fun road signs or setting up fun obstacles with pylons purchased from your local dollar store.

The makings of a project

Getting down to business

Artist at work

Decorating a stop sign post with glitter glue

The finished post for the stop sign (Aiden was quite proud)


I direct the traffic around these parts!!

Painting shrubbery

Bushes sitting out to dry

Adding some greenery

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