Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Product Review - Gracious May Baby Boots

One of the items at the top of my list of baby girl must haves was a pair of Gracious May's adorable apple baby girl boots. Of course as soon as the doctors verified that I was indeed having a girl I ordered my little one a pair that very afternoon. The timing in which I received the much anticipated package couldn't have come on a better day. The moment I walked into my front door the afternoon I was induced there they were waiting for me..Arianna's very first gift from Mommy eagerly awaiting to be opened. Amidst contractions I tore into the packaging and wept with delight when I pulled the tiny, perfect boots from the box. Arianna's very first pair of boots. Let me tell you these boots cannot possibly be justified by a photo. They are handcrafted with love in the little details and are so soft and sweet..perfect for little feet. After recently checking Gracious May's shop I have discovered they now also offer baby boots in an adorable cupcake pattern as well. You can get your own gorgeous, original designed baby boots at Gracious May for $29.95. I can't possibly think of a better gift for a new baby or a sweeter indulgence for your own trendy little one.

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