Thursday, February 12, 2009

Late Night Chocolate Cravings

You know you have a serious chocolate addiction when you find yourself in the kitchen whipping up chocolate brownies from scratch at 11:30pm. There is a reason I do not buy any store bought sweets..if I did they would not last more than a few minutes. I have a serious sweet tooth. If the sweet stuff is going to be consumed than I am going to have to work for it by finding time to make it myself. Finding the time can be tricky with a pre-schooler and a newborn..hence the late night baking session. Feeling creative I wanted to try a new recipe. I found myself on browsing the search results for brownies when I came across these babies. I opted to create the peanut butter swirl variety and oh my goodness they are yummy!! So far the kiddos have not realized what Mommy was up to last night despite the fact that our home smells like a peanut butter cup. Maybe...just maybe...I will bust out the brownies come dessert tonight as a special surprise.

Everyday Easy Brownies,

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