Thursday, September 22, 2011

What We've Been Up To

So you may have noticed there have not been many updates around these parts lately. No worries - we're not abandoning our love for blogging....we have just been busy with some personal business endeavors. I realize at times that when I say "we" it may come off as a little eccentric or weird. No I do not have multiple personalities - I swear (that is if you don't count the gemini in me). This blog is a labor of love and has become a family affair. With my new accessories line taking off to such a successful start, my husband working more hours at his new job and the two of us working on the launch of another business project, things have been...well...a little hectic. We will continue to post about what inspires us from day to day, fun and fab finds, craft and recipe happenings and the like...with the occasional time lapse in between posts when things get frantic. Thanks for sticking with us!! :)

My new accessories line Shine! Couture has kept my mind and fingers busy. The outcry of support, especially locally, has been overwhelming and an unexpected delight. I am working on plenty of new top-secret designs but here are a few of the newer pieces that have been available recently for purchase.

Coming soon - our new collection of reclaimed treasures including furniture, home decor pieces and toys from our new line Newfound Whimsy. We are so excited to share our passion of upcycling and discovering vintage and unique pieces!!

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