Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day Necklace

This afternoon Aiden and I made this cute and simple Valentines Day necklace. Aiden loves stringing beads and things so this was the perfect craft for a boring Wednesday afternoon. Little man has decided this would be a wonderful gift for his Auntie Erin but whether or not he will allow it to be boxed up and mailed away has yet to be determined.

What you will need -
Some yarn or embroidery thread, a bright pink or red suits the holiday theme nicely
Red, pink and white construction paper
Various buttons in shades of pink, red and white
3 straws
A hole punch

1. Cut heart shapes from the construction paper, we made 6 hearts from each color. Punch a hole in the center of each heart. Cut the straws into inch long pieces. Gather all of your supplies onto your work surface.

2. Tie a thick knot in the end of the yarn to stop your decorative pieces from slipping off. Have your child string the hearts, straw pieces and buttons onto the yarn to create a LOVE-ly necklace for Valentines Day. Tie each end of the yarn together once finished to close your necklace.

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