Sunday, March 22, 2009

Egg Carton School Bus

BEEP BEEP!! Make way for a fun afternoon craft!! Bust out that stockpile of egg cartons and make sure you have plenty of yellow paint. This project is sure to get your little one motoring.

What You'll Need -

1 egg carton top
Lots of yellow paint, with paper plate and brushes for application
Black, red and blue construction paper
Black crayon
White glue

Here's How -

1. Paint your egg carton top a bright vibrant yellow. You may need to let dry and apply a second coat.

2. Cut 2 circles out of the black construction paper to form the wheels. You can also use 2 small juice lids painted black. Glob on some white glue and adhere to the bottom section of the"bus".

3. Cut out some small circles from the red construction paper to form your bus lights. Have your little one glue them wherever they see fit. It's all about the creativity.

4. Time for some passengers!! Cut enough rectangles out of the blue construction paper to cover the indents in the egg carton lid. Hand you little some crayons and ask him to draw some people to ride on the bus. Adhere the finished "windows" over the indents on lid. You can also try cutting out people and characters from magazines to use as your eager passengers.

5. Label your bus with a back crayon or marker.


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