Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stuff We Love - Getting Organized

Mommy brain. We've all had it. Who am I kidding - when do we not have it?! There will always be some task that is forgotten, a phone call that is never returned and a great idea that slips out of our heads just as easily as it seems to have gotten in there in the first place. If you are anything like me you write lists, because it helps, but even these lists end up being misplaced or forgotten on the kitchen counter when you head out the door on your way to the grocery store. My mission the past few days has been finding some sort of a solution to this conundrum. I think maybe, just maybe, I have found a thing or two that will help. Rejoice.

1. TODOIST - (my new favorite webpage) is a simple yet incredible and user-friendly online task manager that helps you get organized. Create custom project lists (ie-phone calls to return, chore and errand lists) and add subcategories for each that you can order by priority or set deadlines for. No more paper to-do lists floating around. The interface includes a built in calendar so you can overview what needs to get done today..tomorrow..or next week with a single click. Check it out - it's FREE.

2. momAgenda Day Planners - momAgenda has the most amazing products that are both beautiful (hellooo Glamour Mommy!!) and functional. At the top of my personal must have list is the momAgenda All-in-One , $48. This amazing planner includes a large monthly calendar that begins in August and runs 17 months with planning spaces for Mommy and up to 4 children. A separate folio section sports sturdy, plastic, tabbed page protectors to store your school or activity schedules, menus and more. If this wasn't enough it also comes with a large note pad and pen so you can jot down what you will on the go. Once you have your planner in hand you can print off unique forms from to customize your planner further. Some of the forms available for download include grocery lists, babysitter info, family medical info, party planning and a websites and passwords list. Now you can have everything you need right at your fingertips.

3. Digital Voice Recorders - Do you lay in bed at night not able to sleep because your brain just won't shut off?? If you're like me the moment your head hits the pillow you start remembering important things that must be tended to first thing the next day or a great idea will come to you that you really don't want to forget come morning. These thoughts keep me awake. One thing that has helped me catch quite a few more zzzz's is keeping a voice recorder on the nightstand next to my bed. Nagging thoughts enter my head, I leave a clipped one or two word recording and I have the piece of mind to slip off to dream land. Sure you can always resort to a notepad next to the bed but that would require the lights to be turned back on and a touch more focus..not what you need when you are feeling sleepy. My current fave voice recorder is this pink one by Sony which features MP3 capabilities. Currently on sale for $69.99 at Best Buy. Regular Price $99.99.

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