Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Nursery Project - Spend vs Save

I received such an overwhelming positive response from many of you after sharing just a few of my nursery plans..I cannot wait to reveal some of the many more ideas and projects I will be taking on after the big move into our new 3 bedroom home. Reflecting on my last post I went searching for some more economical options for several of my original picks. So what do you think SPEND OR SAVE??
My original plan called for about 10 real birch tree branches that would be attached to the wall from floor to ceiling. Sure it would look absolutely phenominal but has a fair sized price tag at US$150 for just 5 poles. Let's keep in mind this new home is also a rental so removing these poles at some point would have to come into play.

My inspiration for the save option came from this absolutely beautiful bedroom showcased at Cup of Coco. The tree reminds me of a lot of the "wallpaper trees" I have seen about the web lately that retail for approximately US$300. Being a crafty Momma I am thinking of hand painting the tree's trunk and branches onto the nursery walls and adhering some leaves hand cut from various green wallpaper pieces to form the leaves. Some of those fabulous felt flowers around the base of the room would be a must.

The crib that had first caught my eye was of course the princess carriage crib that cost more than a year in rent payments so let's not even go there. Second runner up was the Pottery Barn Kids Sleigh Crib which sells for US$699. I have to point out that the wall color in the background of the PB photo matches the color of Arianna's new nursery EXACTLY. Loves it. What I love more? The crib on the right by Stork Craft, which retails for a cool $300 available at Stork Craft via Walmart Canada.

Who can forget the absolutely adorable toadstool table set I found at Chasing Fireflies for US$400. Several of you suggested I should try and figure to how to create my own and sure enough after some searching I found some great ideas. HGTV has step by step directions for crafting your own toadstool table and chairs using wire mesh and concrete. To be honest I am a little intimidated by the process but may be willing to give it a go. Martha Stewart has cute and comfy woodland toad'stools' that look really simple and inexpensive to make.

One of my favorite finds for the nursery was the Enchanted Tree by Cocoon Couture for AU$350. I was delighted when I discovered these Pkolino Clothes Trees by Design Public. The Pkolino Tree stands about half a foot taller than the Enchanted Tree and costs only US$77 each. I think a couple of these side by side would look fantastic and think of the fun things you could do with them if you let your imagination wander....

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