Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Daffodils

Yesterday's rainy day had us looking for a bright activity to bring some sunshine into our bleak, gray day. This cupcake liner daffodil by Katie's Nesting Spot inspired us.

What You'll Need -

2 cupcake liners (you can skip the painting step if you have yellow ones on hand)
Yellow Paint, A paintbrush
1 sheet of green construction paper cut into 1 stalk and 2 leaves (this is a job for you!!)
1 sheet of blue construction paper
Yellow buttons
Glue stick & White glue

How to -

1. Have your little one paint the cupcake liners with the yellow paint. The liners will flatten out when you paint them..this is normal. Allow to dry. Once dry mold ONE of the liners back into shape.

2. Using the glue stick have your child adhere the stalk and leaves to the blue construction paper. Use the glue stick to secure the flattened cupcake liner to the top of the stalk. Next glue the puffed up liner on top of the flattened liner.

3. Using the white glue adhere the buttons to the inside of your flower.

BEAUTIFUL!! Don't be surprised if your little one stops to smell the finished product like mine did. Now stick it up on your fridge so you can have a reminder of a bright sunny day whenever you enter the kitchen.

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