Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun with the Kids. Printable Playdough Activity Books.


I thank the heavens for pinterest every day. My kids, like most I would imagine, are completely crazy over playdough. I'm daily sweeping up pesky crumbs of hardened blue, red and green but if it buys them a few moment of happiness and me a few moments of peace then I have no beef with it. Needless to say when I came across this awesome diy printable playdough activity book I was pretty stoked. The photos above are just a few of my little ones favorite pages to create with but all in all there are 20 free printable pages for this book. All you need is access to a printer, a small binder and some laminated page protectors found at any business supply store. I happened to already have all of the required goodies in an overstuffed desk drawer. Fun and FREE. Win, win.

Check out the download source for this amazing diy project over at Planet of the Apels.

Working with playdough is also a fabulous activity for anyone with children on the autism spectrum. Our little aspie LOVED this and found it very therapeutic, especially when paired with an ipod loaded with some favorite tunes.


Amy - while wearing heels said...

This is brilliant. I have not seen this before BUT I am totally going to download it and use it. My play dough lover is going to have so much fun!

itmom said...

Prepare to have a few minutes alone to make yourself a coffee or *gasp* pee with the bathroom door closed. Every Mothers dream!!