Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go!!

Another rainy day..another afternoon of glue sticks, safety scissors and scented crayola markers. It's been raining an awful lot in our small town recently..but it suits our crafty family just fine. It's all just another welcome excuse for this Mommy to break into the overabundance of crafty things that seem to have overtaken our home.Our most recent adventure indoors, inspired by earlier pirate happenings, was a treasure seeking scavenger hunt. All you need to have your own scavenger hunt is some imagination, a nifty prize (we used some dinosaur tattoos, went over very well), some paper, crayons and eager children keen on some adventure (that shouldn't be too difficult). You can find the treasure map inspired paper I used here.HAVE FUN!!! Who says rainy days indoors have to be boring??

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Anonymous said...

I totally just did this with hayden & katie... they LOVED it! The thing they found was an ice cream treat, yum! Thanks for the idea!!!!