Friday, March 5, 2010

Handprint Bumblebee

One of the crafts from our "very bzzy day" was almost over looked!! Luckily I caught notice of this pretty little bee stuck to our fridge this evening and promptly snapped a photo so I would remember to share with you all later. This handprint bee was created, with help, by my 13 month old and makes for a really sweet keepsake I know will be cherished for years to come. Try making some with your little craftsters...but be prepared for some serious post-craft cleanup!!

What You'll Need
A piece of construction paper (any color but yellow or black will do..for obvious reasons)
Yellow, black and white paint
A foam paintbrush

1. Paint your childs palm with the yellow paint and apply firmly to the paper. *tip* - baby wipes are handy to keep nearby for quick and easy cleanup.

2. Create the bees stripes by applying black paint to the side of your childs hand and pressing onto the paper again and again in the pattern shown above. Same goes for the stinger.The eye is created by applying paint to the thumb and pressing a thumbprint onto the bottom of the yellow palm print.

3. The wings are created by applying white paint to the side of your childs hand and wiggling the hand back and forth across the paper. Repeat this process for the second wing.


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