Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day Lacing Projects

Weaving and lacing through homemade lacing cards are a great way for little ones to develop their fine motor skills while creating something pretty to boot. We made these lacing projects to celebrate Saint Patricks Day by utilizing some fabulous templates available at DLTK's Growing Together. Here's how you can create something similar at home with your budding artist.

What You'll Need -
A Hole Punch
Colorful Ribbon or Yarn

1. Visit DLTK's Growing Together to print the template of your choice. There is a pot, rainbow and shamrock template available. Cut out template and trace onto a piece of cardstock.

2. After cutting out your design in the cardstock punch holes about an inch apart throughout the shape.

3. Tie a knot through the end of a piece of ribbon or wool and then have your child weave the other end through the lacing card to create a pretty pattern. Loose ends can be taped to the back of the shape to secure

Projects can be decorated further with glitter, markers, paint or stickers. Get creative!!

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