Friday, March 5, 2010

Spongebob's Pineapple House!!

My 4 year olds favorite show BY FAR is Spongebob Squarepants so needless to say this craft was a HUGE hit. Try making this pineapple house with your Spongebob enthusiast today and prepare to sing countless rounds of "Whooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?????"

What You'll Need
1 brown paper bag
Some shredded newspaper
1 elastic band
Some orange paint (or do like we did and mix up some red and yellow which provides a basic color lesson)
Green and blue construction paper (1 sheet of each or use some leftover scraps like we did)
Blue pipecleaner
A pen or marker

1. Fill paper bag with shredded newspaper until about 3/4 full. Tie top closed with elastic band.
2. Paint below elastic band with orange paint.3. Cut a long 4-5 inch wide strip from the green construction paper. Cut slits down the strip spaced 1 inch apart. Wrap the strip around the top of the paper bag and secure ends together with glue to form the pineapple top.4. Cut out door and window shapes from the blue construction paper. Decorate shapes with a pen or marker and glue to the front of the painted paper bag (ensure paint is dry first). Trim a piece of pipe cleaner, form into an "L" shape and poke through the top right hand corner of the bag.HAPPY CRAFTING!!

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