Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba Party

Luckily we have some very talented readers at itmom. Creative and devoted Mom Claudia drives that point home with this fabulous Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday party she threw for her lucky 2 year old son Ayden.
How it all came together -

Claudia drew the inspiration for the party's color palette from the bright primary shades of the show and it's characters (my personal favorite are those fun and colorful cupcakes!!) Birthday Express came in handy for purchasing the cake stands (featured in front of the cupcake display), centerpiece and boombox pinata and then from there Claudia's creative flair took over.

Invitations were made by using images found on google image search and the basic windows paint program. The finished product was brought into a local Kinkos and then distributed to the lucky guests.

The beautiful cake was decorated with Yo Gabba Gabba bath squirters that were found on Amazon. You can purchase a set of your own here for $15.41. Brightly colored M&M's were also added to the cake and cupcakes to add a little extra something special.

A unique birthday shirt was created by a local airbrushing artist by once again using google image search to find just the right image for the job. (I love this idea!!)

Claudia also created inexpensive artwork for the party by printing out large copies of coloring pages (found through a google image search) and personally coloring all of them in before hanging to display. (Now that's dedication!!)

Many kudos to Claudia for putting together what looked like a beautiful and fun-filled party. Your little boy is very blessed to have such a creative and devoted Mom. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and ideas with us. You are most definitely an ItMom.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake and fun-looking party!

Thanks so much for featuring my Strawberry Shortcake as the recipe of the day :)

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