Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Scrapbooking with Kids

Last year I posted about introducing my then 4 year old son to scrapbooking. This momma has a serious passion for paper crafting so I was eager to get my little one in on the action too for some special mommy and son craft time. All this time later and my little guy still has a passion for scrapbooking...and he's getting pretty good too!!! We sat down this afternoon with a favorite photo of my son learning to ride his new bicycle and decided to put together something new for his growing scrapbook. I'm proud to say Aiden handpicked all of the papers and embellishments that were used and even glued and placed them down himself (Mommy did the cutting).

If you love scrapbooking try introducing your preschooler to the craft as well. Check out our article on Scrapbooking with Preschoolers HERE.

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