Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day Noise Maker

This festive noise maker is really quick and easy to put together and is sure to put your little ones in the spirit to celebrate.

What You'll Need -
2 paper plates
Beans, macaroni, lentils or bells (whatever noise making bits and pieces you have about)
Maple Leaf Template (found HERE) and red paint, crayons or markers.

1. Print out the maple leaf template and have your child paint or color the leaf in a bright, vibrant red. Cut out the completed (and dry) maple leaf.
2. Fill one of the plates with your noise making bits and pieces. We used some bells and macaroni. Adhere some ribbon to the inside of the plate. Secure two plates together with staples.
3. Glue maple leaf to the front of your noise maker.

Make some noise!! :)

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