Monday, August 2, 2010

Bubble Factory

What kid doesn't LOVE bubbles?? Absolutely anything centered around bubbles has been a big hit in our household this Summer. If your kids are like mine try making up one of these bubble factories from common household items. Putting ours together only took minutes and has created hours of fun indoors and out.

What You'll Need
A clean and empty margarine container
A hole punch
A plastic bendy straw
Liquid Dish Washing Detergent

1. Punch a hole in the margarine container with the hole punch. Make sure the hole is near the top of the container otherwise your bubble solution will leak out.2. Punch a second hole in the lid of the container. Make sure the hole is past the lip of the lid.
3. Insert the bendy straw, bendy side first, into the hole in the side of your container. Point the straw downwards towards the bottom of the tub.4. Squirt some liquid dish washing detergent into the bottom of the tub and fill the container about halfway. Put the lid on with the hole in the lid opposite the hole in the tub.

5. Make some bubbles!!!


Andrea said...

We love using recycled materials in our house when crafting. Thanks for the idea!!

Mid-Craft Crisis said...

We love bubbles in our house. This looks a great idea. My daughter has to physiotherapy using bubbles. We do something called Bubbly Volcanoes.
We will have to give your idea a go too. Thanks