Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tickled Pink

Perhaps the man in your life may not exactly be thrilled with a room decked out in pink and feminine touches...but if the girl in you is as taken with all things rosey hued as I am then you may not be able to help from swooning a time or two at these lovely living rooms.

1. Pink, black and white living room (LOVE that couch!!), via High Gloss Magazine.

2. Glam pink living room, Sarah Richardson Design.

3. Living room with femme touches (butterfly ottoman, tree stump table), DecorPad.


Shelley (aka: Her Royal Sassiness) said...

Oooo... it's all so purdy!! That pink sofa is beautiful! Would stand a chance in my house with 2 kids and a black cat. Lol! Those rooms are so elegant! I guess one plus about being divorced... I Can decorate any at I darn well choose!

itmom said...

This is why every woman deserves a room all of her own!! I'm working on creating a sewing/craft space in our basement with lots of girly elegant features!! I love your positive attitude - def a plus when you don't have to work around a picky males "tastes". Luckily my soon-to-be hubby lets me do as I please decorating wise without any complaints. :)