Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kinder Re-Launches in Canada (AND I'm a KinderMom!!)

Kinder Eggs take me back. When I was a little girl I would save up my hard earned allowance to splurge on the sweet chocolate treat. What other goodie available at my local corner store would score me not only a sugar fix but a fun and collectible toy that I could put together myself?? My bedroom windowsill boasted one of the most impressive kinder toy collections in town. Years later I share the joy and anticipation of unwrapping a Kinder Egg with my two children. What was once my favorite childhood treat is now one of theirs. Kinder has brought us full circle...and that leaves me feeling kind of giddy and tingly inside.

Imagine my joy when I discovered I was chosen to take part in the Kinder Mom ambassador program celebrating the Canadian re-launch of Kinder Surprise after 30 years of creating memories with Canadian families. Kinder is all about finding time to enjoy special moments with your children and the re-launch of one of our favorite brands is all about sharing the ways Canadian Moms make that time with their families. Be sure to swing by the Kinder Canada facebook page to join in on the conversation and share the ways your family makes time for play every day!!

The 2012 re-launch brings with it a whole new collection of Kinder Surprise Toys!! The new collection boasts over 70 brand new toys...and this collection is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. The new collection includes flying, water squirting, stamping and inflatable toys and even a collection of giant safari toys that measure at 22 cm each!! To get a sneak peek at these toys and more check out the Kinder Canada facebook page.

Tomorrow (August 29, 2011) you'll be able to get in on the fun yourself when Kinder gives away 5,000 eggs on their facebook page!! Be sure to get in on the action and stay tuned for more exciting Kinder news.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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