Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Re-purposing Cribs

Stop!! Hold up a minute!! Do NOT throw out that old crib!! I know..I know..after a few babes have had their turn upon it an old crib can certainly look worse for wear. There definitely gets to be a point where it's just no longer safe to let a little head rest inside of an old, worn out crib. I speak from experience...I have one such crib in my home. Give an old crib a fresh new start by re-purposing it into something brand spanking new. You will not believe what some people have managed to create from their old cribs. Get ready to be inspired. Don't have an old crib laying around?? Keep your eyes peeled. We have spotted cribs on curbs, on kijiji and in local thrift stores for free or for a seriously sweet deal.

1. This desk is completely awe inspiring and was created with..you guessed it..an old crib. Check out how it was done on A Little Learning for Two.

2. Create a custom bench from an old crib with ideas from Cassandra Design.

3. Transform the head and foot boards of a crib into a chalkboard with a tutorial from My RePurposed Life.

4. Craft this incredible wagon from an old crib with a how-to from Tidbits.

5. Create a custom jewelery cabinet with a complete how-to from Infarrantly Creative.

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