Monday, October 31, 2011


After taking a short break from blogging I sat back and thought about what it is exactly I want to see and have people enjoy when they take the time to visit us here. We've been known to cover a wide variety of topics that appeal to moms and non-moms alike but lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with the assortment of topics I was regularly contributing.

We have decided while we will continue to cover a variety of tidbits we are going to have a LOT more of the following here from this day forwards: Eye candy - fashion finds, home decor trends, fun products for mom and babe alike, spotted desserts, drinks and beauty trends. MORE step by step tutorials and how-to projects. MORE kids crafts. We are also going to be incorporating a new love for local and events section showcasing small businesses and happenings in the Northumberland region area and throughout southern Ontario.

What's moving?? The majority of our recipes, vegetarian musings and food product reviews will soon be found over at our new blog - The Foxy Vegetarian. We're very excited about this new project which will allow us to share our love of vegetarian and vegan cooking and spread awareness of healthier lifestyle options. More details coming SOON!!

We hope you will all enjoy our overall new focus!! :) :)

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