Monday, June 4, 2012

The Summer Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time...of the year!!! Summer is ALMOST here and what better way is there to build up the anticipation of the fun times ahead than by creating your own Summer 2012 Bucket List!! Grab an extra large size sheet of paper (the easel size works perfect), gather your crew around the table and brainstorm all of the fun things you want to do together this Summer. To get you started check out our colorful list of to-dos we created over the weekend with a good old pack of Mr. Sketch!!

•Kayak Date •Bonfire •Make S'mores •Fly a handmade kite •Drive-in Movie •Photo Scavenger Hunt •Eat beavertails •Eat at Fresh restaurant •Fireworks •Learn to ride a bike •Have a picnic •Host a BBQ •Watch a movie on the beach •Go carting •Use telescope at the beach •Night swimming •Carnival •Build sandcastles •Catch fireflies •Make sidewalk chalk •Minigolf •DIY waterwall •Daily crafts •Make ice cream 

What can your family come up with??

1 comment:

Amy - while wearing heels said...

What a fun list. I am inspired to write one of my own. I think I'll include drive in movie on mine as well :)