Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY Wine Cork Succulent Planter Magnets

Adorbs right??? These sweet wine cork succulent planter magnets (wow-that's a mouthful) are oh so simple to make and are undeniably darling. I made up our batch in less than 10 minutes with some reserved wine corks, succulent trimmings and common crafty bits. Who doesn't have a secret stockpile of wine corks somewhere since Pinterest made it's debut?? Here's how we did it!! Please excuse my disgruntled manicure.

Hollow the centers of your wine corks with a paring knife or an extra large drill bit. In the time it took me to carve out the center of one cork with a paring knife my hubby hollowed out two with his drill.

Adhere magnet rounds to the side of the cork using a hot glue gun. We found our magnet rounds at a local dollar store.

Place a little soil in the hollow of the cork and carefully insert your succulent trimming. Add a little more soil around the edges and gently press down the soil to secure the plant. Water with an eye dropper. You can also dip the tip of your succulent in rooting hormone before planting to give it a better chance to take root in it's new home. Rooting hormone can be found at any nursery.

LOVELY!! Wouldn't these made a neat little housewarming gift?? Hand crafted presents are my favorite.


Amy - while wearing heels said...

I have a large collection of wine corks and this is the perfect project to use a few of them. It looks easy enough, even for someone (like me) that doesn't have a green thumb.

itmom said...

I have a bad reputation for killing anything that grows in somehow I have managed to keep my hearty succulent plant alive for months. You can find a starter plant for less than $5 dollars at a nursery or even home depot. :)

Minou Barton said...

I killed some, itmom. The tiny bit of space in the cork and the apparent lack of light in my sunny kitchen has done in several. But I'm still trying!

...and sharing some pre-drilled corks this week, too.