Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stuff We Love: Board Books for Modern Babies

HTML for Babies by John C. Vanden-Heuvel Sr. It's never too early to be standards compliant! The first in a three-volume set, originally designed by a NYC Web Designer for his baby, this beautiful book is a fun and colorful introduction to the world of web design for babies.


Foodie Babies Wear Bibs by Michelle Sinclair Colman.  Join the urban babies as they celebrate the pleasures of cuisine. Foodie babies favor finger foods and small plates, and spend their days browsing the farmers' market--all in their inimitable style.


Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd. This hilarious parody not only pokes loving fun at the bygone quiet of the original classic, but also at our modern plugged-in lives. It will make you laugh, and it will also help you put yourself and your machines to sleep.

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