Thursday, November 27, 2008

Simple Snowman

To celebrate the first snowfall last week we decided on a whim that a winter themed craft was a must. Aiden quickly decided he wanted to make himself a snowman. The finished product is now proudly displayed on our refrigerator and Aiden has decided he would like to make one for all of his favorite family members as well. This would also make a cute and simple Christmas card idea for little ones to make for their loved ones.

What you need -
1 piece of colored construction paper for the background
1 piece of white construction paper
Cotton balls
White glue, a paper plate and a popsicle stick
Glue stick
3 buttons
1 orange pipe cleaner and 1 brown pipe cleaner
1 piece of ribbon
Googly eyes or 2 additional smaller buttons for eyes

To Assemble -
1. Cut 3 varying sizes of circles from white construction paper. Have your child apply cotton balls to the circles using the popsicle stick and white glue from a paper plate.
2. Have your child choose a color of construction paper to use as the backdrop for your snowman. Using a glue stick help your little one adhere snowballs to the background paper to form the snowman.
3. Have your budding artist pick out the buttons and ribbon that will be used to give your snowman some character. Cut the brown pipe cleaner in half to make 2 arms and trim a small piece of orange pipe cleaner for the nose. Trim and tie a small piece of the ribbon to form a scarf.
4. Time to decorate!! Your child can apply the buttons, googly eyes, scarf and pipe cleaners using the popsicle stick and white glue..with some guidance from Mommy if needed.

There you have it!! One smart looking snowman. Feel free to get creative and add some extra touches. The fun with this is every creation is different!!

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Shelley said...

That is so cute! My son loves playing with cotton balls so we'll have to try this one.