Friday, January 23, 2009

Apple Tree

I found this idea at No Time For Flash Cards and had to try it out with my apple loving kiddo.

You will need -
White construction paper or chipboard (I find the thicker paper better as it doesn't curl once painted)
Brown construction paper or cardboard
Green paint and a paintbrush
White glue
Paper plate (for paint and glue)
Red pom poms

1. Draw and cut out the shape for the top of the tree onto your white construction paper or chipboard. Pour some of the green paint onto a paper plate and have your child paint the tree-top. Let dry.

2. While your child is painting the tree-top draw and cut out a tree trunk from the brown construction paper or cardboard. You can also have your child paint or color the tree trunk (my child does not have the patience so we skipped this step).

3. Once the tree-top is dry attach the tree trunk with some white glue.

4. Pour some white glue onto the opposite side of your paper plate. Have your child dip the pom poms or 'apples' into the glue and attach to the tree. I had to explain to my son that the apples are only supposed to go on the green Let the glue dry.

I think our tree turned out BEAUTIFUL!! It is now proudly displayed on our fridge. :)

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