Saturday, February 14, 2009


This post is definitely a day late..apologies!! Things have been a touch hectic around our household lately as Arianna is cutting her first 8 weeks!! Poor little thing. When we had some rare quiet time the other day Aiden loved creating this colorful "valen-pillar". The next morning however he decided that his creation really needed some legs. Looks more like a "valen-pede" now...but just as adorable. :) This would be a great craft for any time of the could always substitute the hearts for circles.

What you'll need -
Black construction paper
Colored construction paper, cut into hearts or circles, whatever your fancy
White glue and a popsicle stick
Glue stick
1 pipecleaner (2 if you are going to add legs)
Googly eyes
Alphabet stickers (or a marker if you don't have stickers handy)

1. Have your child glue the hearts or circles to the black construction paper with the glue stick, forming your valen-pillar. Assistance from a grown up may be needed.

2. Apply the alphabet stickers to your valen-pillar. Try spelling out the childs name or a fun word of your choice. Cut the pipecleaner in half. Help your child twirl the pipecleaners into fun antenna like shapes. If you are adding legs this would be a good time to trim and bend your second pipecleaner.

3. Using the white glue and a popsicle stick have your child apply glue to the googly eyes, antennas and legs and adhere to your valen-pillar. Allow glue to dry for several hours.

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