Thursday, June 25, 2009

Egg Carton Fire Truck

Using the Egg Carton School Bus we made a few months back as inspiration Aiden and I recently crafted this awesome fire truck together on a rainy afternoon.

What You'll Need -
1 Egg Carton Top
1 small container lid (for the siren, get creative..we used the lid from an old bottle of paint)
Red Paint
Black Construction Paper
White Glue
Black Marker

How-To -
1. Have your child paint the entire egg carton top and the small container lid with red paint. While your kiddo is busy cut out 2 circles and a ladder shape from the black construction paper. I used a bottle lid to trace the circles and drew the ladder free hand onto the paper before cutting.

2. Once red paint has dried, the construction paper wheels and ladder can be glued on. We decided to use a brad to secure the ladder on so that it would be able to be moved up and down as my kiddo requested.

3. Write the word 'FIRE' on the front of your engine with a permanent black marker. Using a generous amount of glue adhere the "siren" to the top of the fire truck. The siren will need to sit overnight before the engine can be man handled.

If you are feeling really creative you could attach a hose by trimming and securing a piece of a bendy straw. You could also create windows for the fire truck with construction paper and draw in some firemen or even a trusty dalmatian and secure over the egg carton tops holes.

Happy Crafting!!!

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