Friday, June 5, 2009

Hand & Foot Lobster Craft

My pre-schooler has a serious thing for lobsters..or as he calls them "crabs". No matter how many times I try to correct him he insists a lobster is in fact a crab, followed by a "silly Mommy". This craft is perfect for summer and makes an adorable keepsake once complete. I now have an urge to make a family of lobsters using my baby girls feet as well..or how sweet would a baby lobster greeting card be..I'm all over it. :) ENJOY!!
What You'll Need -

Red paint (or hey get creative..I'm thinking hot pink for my baby girls little hands and feet)
2 red pipe cleaners, cut into appropriate sizes by a grown up
Googly Eyes
White Glue
Foam paint brush

How-To -

1. Apply paint to your childs foot with the foam brush. Firmly press foot print onto paper. *TIP - Baby wipes make for quick on-site clean-up.

2. One hand at a time; apply paint to your childs hand and have you child firmly press to paper about 1-2 inches above the foot print in a 'claw like' formation.

3. Adhere your pipe cleaners with white glue to form antennae, legs and such. Don't forget to add the googly eyes for the finishing touch.

The next day we decided the lobster needed a little something extra and we got busy in the yard with a glue stick and some sand from our sandbox. Once again get creative..maybe add some seaweed, beach shells or paint in some ocean waves. Happy crafting!!

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janet said...

Great idea, that is adorable!