Thursday, July 30, 2009

CHEESE!!! Cardboard Camera Craft

Sometimes it shows that I have a little bit too much time on my hands...that and I am a craft junkie. A few night ago I decided to create, from an empty pudding mix box, a pretend play camera for my pre-schooler. We have a hit and I couldn't be happier. This has partly to do with the fact that Mommies camera cannot be repaired with a dab of Elmers and until I conconted this cardboard creation little hands were seeking out Mommy's camera on the sly a little too often for my liking. A little imagination and a few scraps can sure go a long way.The lens was created with an empty leftover ribbon spool, sequins serve as red lights and a leftover piece of textured metallic scrapbook paper serves as the flash. Buttons and brads make suitable knobs, dials and buttons for our camera and a piece of colorful ribbon attached with yet another brad makes a handy wriststrap.

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Mid-Craft Crisis said...

LOVE THIS! Might have to make one with my daughter. She likes cameras.