Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Make-It Box

It's just a standard old shoebox but it has become an intense source of anticipation each morning in our home for my pre-schooler. I call it our make-it box. After months of struggling with a new routine of caring for a newborn, settling into a new home, tackling the day-to-day all while trying to keep a 4 year old content and amused I came to a realization. If I want to be the Mom I was before our lives became so hectic it was going to take some planning on my part. So one night not too long ago when my little ones were tucked into their beds for the night I began assembling and gathering together all the materials needed for crafts and activities for the days ahead. And behold..the make-it box came into existance. Now whenever I have a few spare moments I put together a new little something to add to the box. Aiden loves the surprises the box always seems to have in store.

Can you tell what we have planned for the next couple of days??

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