Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids Craft - Flip-Floppin

We were recently inspired by Teaching Two and decided we would love to try out making a pair of sweet summer flip flops for ourselves. A really simple and fun filled craft that will please any aspiring beach bum.

What You'll Need -
1 piece of construction paper, have your little one pick out a favorite color
Hole punch
Several sheets of fun colorful stickers, we raided Mommy's collection again
Scotch tape

How-To -
1. Either choose to freehand draw a pair of flip flop shapes from your construction paper or do like we did and trace around a pair you have lying around at home. After you have cut out your shapes use the hole punch to create 3 holes in each 'flip flop' (in the pattern shown above).

2. Get decorating!! Adhere stickers wherever you please or get even more creative with paints, crayons or whatever else your child fancies.

3. Once the decorating is complete trim the ribbon to form the flip flop thongs and lace through the holes, securing to the back of each hole with a piece or two of scotch tape. We added some decorative brads for something extra special. You could also glue on some rhinestones or perhaps string some beads onto the ribbon before lacing through the punched holes.

I have a feeling we will be creating a few more sets of these around here this week..this time Mommy is getting in on the action too.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a fun activity for kids over the summer break!