Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Googly Eye Frames

After seeing some spooky seasonal frames in my local craft store I was inspired to create something similar myself at home . These frames are budget friendly, easy to put together, a fun family craft and a great Halloween keepsake.

What You'll Need -
Some sturdy cardboard (we cut up a diaper box we had put aside for recycling)
Exacto knife
Paint and paintbrush
Googly eyes of varying sizes
White glue
A silly photograph
Scotch or masking tape
A small piece of magnet (we cut a piece off of a roll we purchased at a local dollar store)

1. Measure and cut a square from your cardboard using dimensions of your preference. We made our frame 6x6 inches. Trim a hole in the center of your square leaving 1 inch of space on all sides.2. Have your child paint the frame in your favorite seasonal color, we chose black. Adhere googly eyes all over the frame, randomosity is key.
3. Print out and trim your photo to fit the dimensions of your frame. Once the frame has dried flip it over and secure the photo to the back of your frame using scotch or masking tape. Glue the strip of magnet to the back, top edge of your frame and allow ample drying time.

4. To finish off your spooky framework glue googly eyes over the eyes of the person in the photograph. Now stick your creation to the fridge, stand back and admire your handiwork.

My little guy is VERY proud of the finished product. I have a total creative mastermind on my hands here. :)

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