Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Halloween Treats

This weekend I hosted a small Halloween get together at my place which was the perfect opportunity to try out some new holiday recipes. Here are a few of the items I ended up serving..all are pretty simple to throw together and budget friendly. The Oreo balls (which were featured in an earlier post) were by far the favorite of the night.First off were my favorite...devilled eggs topped with black olive spiders. I used my favorite devilled egg recipe which can be found at These honestly do not take very much time at all to put together. Do NOT be intimidated. The spiders were simply made my cutting up some canned black olives. Half an olive serves as the spiders body and thin cut pieces make creepy crawly legs. The group favorite as I earlier mentioned were the Oreo Balls. The design on top I created by dipping frozen Oreo Balls into melted Bakers sweet chocolate and then topping with Halloween themed sprinkles.

The bottom design was created by dipping each pre-frozen Oreo Ball into melted white Bakers chocolate and then attaching slivers of thin cut licorice strips to the sides and top. A red smartie tops it all off which was also supposed to be dotted with a little melted dark chocolate to form a pupil. In the madness of the afternoon that was a step that was lost in the mix. Oh well. They still looked half decent nonetheless. Believe or not they actually taste BETTER than they look. These suckers are dangerous.

For directions on how to make the No-Bake Oreo Balls check out Canadian Family.

Last but not least I had to try putting together some blood rimmed glasses like the ones I had originally seen at Hostess with the Mostess.

The "blood" was made with a package of candy apple mix that I found at a local grocery store. The best of both worlds - a set of spooky stemware AND a dozen candy coated apples. YUMM.

Trick or treat?? How about just a little bit of each?? :)

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Kristin said...

Fantastic glasses! I also love the spider eggs! Thanks for the ideas!