Thursday, October 8, 2009

Name Recognition Game

A SUPER SIMPLE idea to help your pre-schooler with learning to recognize and spell their own name.On the first day of junior kindergarten I watched as my little guy struggled to recognize his name amongst the many labels that defined each cubby space for the students of his classroom. Frustration quickly set in followed by shoes that went flying across the small space rather than finding a home in the basket awaiting them. After some guidance all of the outdoor wear found it's proper place and Mommy was quickly concocting a scheme to make this whole name recognition thing FUN. Aiden has always been a sucker for treasure hunts and here our silly and simple Name Hunting Game was born.

Try "hiding" about a dozen post it notes or small pieces of paper around your home with your childs name written in bold letters. As your child discovers each piece of paper have them spell aloud the letters of their name. Try playing again and this time adding in some pieces of paper with different words beginning with the same letter - can your little one spot the difference??

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