Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Poop (my newfound love for Purina Maxx Scoop)

Poop. It's one of those unavoidable not so glamorous parts of being a Mom. Every Mom has one kind of a poop horror story or another. Now if it wasn't bad enough that we deal with all these poop antics from our own children (and sometimes other peoples children) most women are unfortunately the ones that get to tackle the poop of the family pets as well. There is no avoiding it...and most of us have grudgingly come to terms with this fact. The good news is though is that at least when it comes to your cat there is a way to make this burden a little easier to bare.

Thanks to the folks at Matchbox I recently had the opportunity to try out a fabulous new cat litter made especially for small spaces called Purina Max Scoop Small Spaces. We all know cat litter boxes are disgusting places. I have been known, I admit, to let mine sit for entirely too long between changes for fear of - THE SMELL. I have changed about a million diapers in my life time but nothing can come close to the nasty smell that comes from that cat litter box. I admit I was skeptical and in my mind was writing this product off as 'just another cat litter' ..but I was wrong. Not only is holding my breath while changing the dreaded box no longer required but nasty smells no longer waft up the hallway after my kitty has done her business. REJOICE!! One less thing in the world of poop that I have to worry about!! What makes this cat litter so fab you wonder?? Well I looked it up so I can tell you that Maxx Scoop is formulated with HealthGuard which is an antibacterial agent that controls the growth of odor causing bacteria. Pretty much it drastically minimizes THE SMELL. Neat.
Guess what?? You can try this awesome product out for yourself as well..FOR FREE!! Visit today for an opportunity to try a box out yourself for free.

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