Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Daily Play - Handprint Spiders

You have to agree that this little spider is much cuter than your run of the mill household creeper crawler. My oldest often seems to be surprised when I on the rare occasion suggest we do a spider related craft or learning activity. The reason - I have a SERIOUS spider phobia. Alert PETA if you wish but I keep a can of raid on every level of my home (away from little hands of course!!) With Halloween approaching I thought why not put all that aside and create a sweet little keepsake that is sure not to sneak up on me and give me a fright. Although quite spooky I reassure you this eight legged creature is entirely harmless.

Handprint Spiders

What You'll Need
  • Black paint and a paintbrush
  • Googly eyes
  • White glue
  • White paper

1. Apply black paint to your childs entire hand but omit painting the thumb. (spider only have EIGHT legs you know!)

2. Press 2 hand prints in opposing directions, overlapping the palm as much as possible. My son took the creative process into his own hands and wanted his spaced out just a little more..who am I to argue.

3. Glue on googly eyes. Step back and admire your "handiwork".

Happy Crafting!!

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