Monday, October 11, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday - Made from Paper

I tend to hoard paper. Paper of every kind. I love scrapbooking papers with all of their colors, patterns and textures. I love old stationary and long for the day when one would receive a hand written letter in the mail (who had a childhood penpal??) I love beautifully bound journals and notebooks. I believe that the perfect gift deserves to be wrapped just as perfectly in crisp pretty wrapping paper and an actual greeting card signed by the sender. What is it with this e-card craze anyhow?? If you haven't figured it out already for our return to Tutorial Tuesday this week we are focusing on crafting from paper. From journals to file folders to gift bags to the just plain fun and fabulous...we've rounded up a few of our favorites. 1. Make your very own photo journals or notebooks with Photojojo.
2. Create a fabulous Folding File Folder (great for you organization freaks, like myself) with Covered in Crafts.
3. Download, print and put together a wide variety of whimsical paper birds with NaniBird.
4. Create paper fortune cookies for someone special with For the Love of Paper.5. Transform an envelope into a gift bag with How About Orange.

Happy Crafting!!

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