Friday, October 15, 2010

Feature Presentation Friday - We LOVE Bobs & Lolo

If your family watches treehouse tv as much as mine does then you have surely caught the fabulous Bobs and Lolo on more than one occasion. Bobs and Lolo are impossible not to love. With their fun, lively and bubbly personalities and charming collection of songs they are sure to get you and your family moving, grooving and singing along. Bobs and Lolo's music encourages listeners to connect with nature and care about themselves and others all while jamming out to a catchy beat that you are sure to find yourself humming for days to come.

Check out a couple of our favorite songs below and for more information, including where to purchase cd's and a dvd, please check out Bobs and Lolo's official website HERE.

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Bobs & LoLo said...

Thanks so much for this post! We're so thrilled that you and your family enjoy our music, and we really appreciate your words of support! Hugs!! :-)