Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fingerprint Snowmen

There is a plus side to the fact that we are more than likely going to be dealing with this snowy weather for a few more weeks yet. Winter themed crafts and activities!! My oldest is crazy about snowmen. This winter he built his very first snowman with no help from Mommy or Daddy. It was quite a proud day in our home that was rewarded with hot chocolate with a few extra marshmallows.

To make a snowman fingerprint portrait of your own get creative with white paint and a black felt-tip pen. We added on our noses once all of the other features were drawn in place. I especially love the one in the middle with it's arms raised and mouth wide open. It reminds me of their Father. ;)If we can have one more fun day in the snow like this one then I say bring it on!!!

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