Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Pink Mustache Onesie (or tee, or tote..or whatever)

I've been itching to make my little gal a fun, whimsical onesie that really shows off her silly side. What's better than a bright pink mustache?? This was super simple to make once I had designed the graphic. This project will be even easier for you to whip up at home because I'm providing you with the graphic to download, free of charge!!

What You'll Need
Our free, printable graphic - available for download below
Access to a printer
Avery Iron on T-Shirt Transfers
A hot iron
A clean, fresh white onesie (or try this design on a tee for older kids...or even a canvas tote bag)

Pink Mustache


1. Following the manufacturers instructions print our pink mustache graphic onto the t-shirt transfer paper. Cut the image out as close to the edges of the design as you can muster.

2. Make sure your iron is on the highest setting and is nice and hot. Provide a smooth surface to apply your graphic. Smooth out the surface of your onesie with your hands ensuring there are no wrinkles or folds.

3. Following the manufacturers directions use your iron to apply the graphic. Keep your iron moving - the last thing you want is to burn your application surface. Slowly and carefully remove the backing of the t-shirt transfer paper. If you see any pieces that didn't transfer place the paper back down and apply some more heat.

Tadda!! A whimsical custom onesie that your little one is sure to rock out like a pro. Expect lots of oohhs, awws and giggles from random strangers.

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