Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Natural Boho Necklace

We shared THIS post with you a few days ago showing off the fun, simple accessories we created for my daugther to add a little flair to an inexpensive ensemble. One of my favorite parts of her colorful get-up was the little boho necklace I whipped up in minutes from goodies found around my home. Here's how you can make something similar to add some natural whimsy to your look.

What You'll Need
  • Suede Cord (even Walmart carries these)
  • End caps, jump rings, lobster clasp (score these goodies at your local craft store)
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • A skewer or drill outfitted with a very small bit
  • A small piece of bark (search your yard or even your potpourri bowl!!)
  • A vintage bead scavenged from a broken necklace


1. Using the skewer or drill make a small hole in the top of your piece of bark.

2. Thread your suede cord through the hole with a large needle. Be careful...bark will crack under pressure.

3. Add your reclaimed or newly purchased bead to your necklace by stringing onto the suede cord. Once it's on there tie a loose knot with the suede cord over the bark securing the whole thing on there.

4. Secure end caps onto each end of suede cord with jewelery pliers.

5. Add jump rings and lobster claps to the end of each end cap with pliers as shown below.

There you have it!! A simple statement necklace in just a matter of minutes!!

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